The long-term sustainability of plastic bottles for water without recycling is just not viable. Making plastic bottles requires millions of tonnes of oil. It also creates acres of discarded plastic litter. This all ends up in landfill waste and in the world’s oceans.

Vesi water is a viable and refreshing solution. With Vesi, you refill your own water bottles. Bring in your small bottles, as long as you fill the minimum of four litres of water. For example, you could bring in your own two favourites 2-litre bottles to get yourself started!

We also offer you 15-litre polycarbonate bottles with a tap for the convenience of the counter or bench top location.

Have a look at the ABC TV War on Waste series to learn more about the power of recycling and water protection. See how to choose the correct bottles for your water collection to maximise your sustainable living strategies.